Objective, comprehensive, specialist impairment, disability and work capacity assessment

About us

First established by Dr Goode in 2006,

Independent Occupational Physicians (IOP) is a private company providing high quality, objective, comprehensive, specialist Occupational Physician medicolegal reporting as well as other Occupational Physician services.  This is backed up by careful perusal of all the evidence in each case. Our opinions are substantiated by the evidence. 


Dr Steven J. Goode: Director

MBBS (Honours second class); FAFOEM (RACP); CIME; MRO
Consultant Occupational Physician


IOP appointments

Formal clinical appointments are of two types - "long" and "short" cases, and this depends on the complexity of the case.


Long cases require significantly more time and effort, with more background reading, a comprehensive, forensic history and examination, and a detailed, comprehensive report, and these

cases include CTP cases, WorkCover common law cases, legal

cases, DVA cases etc.


Short cases aren't relatively as intensive, and these include

WorkCover statutory cases, QSuper cases, income protection cases, employer generated fitness-for-duty and ill-health retirement assessments, Comcare cases, Military compensation cases etc.


All IOP's appointments are booked in advance.

For Dr Goode, please contact the Gateway Specialist Centre by telephone Ph. 07 3395 1082 to make your IME appointment there.